Crowdsourcing for cognitive science

Paper out in PLoS ONE with my UCL colleagues Harriet Brown, Peter Zeidman, Peter Smittenaar, Rick Adams, Fiona McNab, and Ray Dolan. This study reports initial analyses from thousands of participants worldwide who downloaded our smartphone app The Great Brain Experiment and played the four games. Three of the games test working memory, impulsiveness, and visual perception. The fourth game 'What makes me happy?' is based on my laboratory research on decision making and happiness.

We found that all four games provide reliable results that match laboratory results, despite being played anonymously on a smartphone. We are now starting to look at how measures from the different games relate to each other and how those measures change across the lifespan. You can read more about the project in the UCL press release and in this recent report on BBC News.

Four new games have been added so there are now eight games in total that you can play. Thank you everyone for playing games for science!

The paper can also be downloaded here. This project was supported by a Brain Awareness Week grant from the Wellcome Trust.